Jill Keats Pilates

Jill Keats
Certified Pilates Instructor Fountain Hills, Arizona



Hi! I'm Jill and I'm excited to practice Pilates with you in my Fountain Hills studio! I work with people who want to keep fit, strong, and flexible. We'll begin on the Pilates Tower, the perfect apparatus for the beginner. The Tower makes the exercises easier to achieve using spring resistance and incorporates the fundamental principles of Pilates (concentration, centering, control, breathing, precision, and flowing movement). Once the critical connections are learned, the student will be able to apply those fundamentals to more advanced work on the mat, Pilates Chair, and Pilates Reformer. 



I've been teaching Pilates for more than a decade and am a certified Level 1 teacher with Peak Pilates. I fell in love with Pilates fifteen years ago at my local YMCA. The exercises were hard at first, but achievable. With regular attendance, my posture and body awareness evolved, my muscle tone and strength increased, and my well being and confidence skyrocketed. For those reasons, at the age of 50, I decided to pursue Peak Pilates teacher training. I am also certified by the AFAA and Yogafit. I have taught at boutique studios and fitness centers throughout the greater Phoenix area and am now proud to open my own studio, Pilates 101, in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona. 




After 25 years of teaching a variety of group exercise classes I began to dabble in Pilates. I took just a few of Jill’s classes and I was hooked! Her classes are effective, precise, and fun. Jill’s passion for Pilates is contagious. Not only was she my Pilates teacher, but she became my Pilates mentor, helping me obtain my PEAK Pilates certification. She is one of the most skilled and dedicated teachers I have ever met.
— Jackie G.
Oh my gosh...I love Jill! I originally started as a mat student and quickly signed up for private lessons on her Reformer. I was nursing a shoulder injury and was quite limited in my movement. My lesson with Jill quickly became my favorite class. It was so nice to have personal one-on-one attention without the distractions of a large group. I built up a quiet strength and amazing flexibility! I highly recommend Jill...she is knowledgeable, professional, patient. and funny as heck!
— Angelique B.
Jill is a wonderful instructor whose knowledge and passion for Pilates resonates in all she does. I came to Jill as an untoned Pilates beginner and was amazed at how quickly Jill strengthened my core! She does a great job of accommodating all fitness and experience levels. Her positive energy, clear instructions, and fun music selections made the hour pass by quickly.
— Heidi L.
Under her infectious smile and lovely demeanor lies a woman who not only knows the ins and outs of teaching fitness, but REALLY knows and understands Pilates!!! She feels right at home teaching people with ALL ability levels, and doesn’t hesitate to suggest minor adjustments to each individual to get the most out of each pose safely. Her workouts are challenging, but very enjoyable, and Jill constantly introduces new equipment to the mix; balls, bands, weights, etc., to keep the workouts fresh and new.
— Michelle S.
Six years ago I needed a change. I was the primary care giver for a terminally ill parent and had health issues of my own. I was trying to start my own business and was extremely stressed out. Although I a lot of cardio, I needed something to stretch me out and bring some calm to my life.

I had no idea what Pilates was or any confidence that I could do it, but thought I’d give it a try. Jill Keats literally changed my life. Her methodical and traditional instruction of Pilates created goals for me to work towards and a great workout. She took the time to adjust students to the correct poses. She cued us so we knew what we were supposed to be feeling. She educated us on what the poses were doing for our bodies. I left her classes feeling empowered, strong and limber. After 5 years, I was in the best shape I’d ever been. I developed a strong core that helped me with my balance and posture. I was toned and felt great!

I have attended hundreds of sessions and none of the instructors measure up to her. I have learned there are many versions of Pilates-type workouts. None compared to the Peak Pilates methods Jill uses.
— Cheryl D.
When I was pregnant with my first daughter I had the pleasure of doing one-on-one pregnancy pilates classes with Jill. My fitness level wasn’t great when I started but after a couple of months I felt incredibly strong and ready for labor. That labor, by the way, was long and arduous but it went smoothly and I put this completely down to Jill’s expert attention and instruction. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Sarah B.